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Hi friends, my name is Ayinah. I'm a kid just like you. I like to play outside, ride my bike, jump rope, hopscotch, play in the water sprinklers...oh and I like to gobble down ice cream and gummy worms every chance I get.
I have a mommy, daddy, a granny and grampy. I have aunts and uncles, friends, teachers, neighbors and a church family that all love me.
I have a house, a car, five dogs, a pet fish...oh and a pet spider too. But the best thing of all that I have is God and He is the one that gave me all this other stuff.
Yaaaaay...thank you God...I love you!!!
I don't see God but I know He's here because I feel a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling in my tummy and it makes my heart smile.
So every day, I look up in the big, beautiful sky and I thank God for all the things that He's given me and I can feel Him say to me in my heart "Ayinah, I love you!"
And friends, God gave me a message to give to you. He wants you to know that He gave you everything and everybody that you have because He loves you too. He loves all the children of the world.
So, sometimes when you're sitting with your family watching TV or playing with your friends, at recess at school, when you first wake up or right before you go sleep...look up in the sky, think about all the things that you have and tell our Father God...thank you...and THAT will make His heart smile.


The Bee in the Boot

OMG...there's a tiny bee in a BIG BOOT chasing Ayinah! I wonder if it has anything to do with her sticking her finger in the sacred, honey pie. Let's find out in this chase around town from The Bee in the Boot.

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My Spider Skip

You'll never guess where Ayinah's spider Skip is hiding in this exciting game of hide-and-go seek. It may just scare the "BeJesus" out of ya!

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I Love to Pretend

A child's way to escape...Pretending. Your child will love escaping to Pretend Land in this adventure with Ayinah, where everything is possible!

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