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Is Covid -19 all bad?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

As we all know there is a pandemic that has came and flipped our world upside down. Schools are shut down, parents are out of work, basic necessities are scarce and if that isn’t enough, we are being encouraged to stay inside and away from other people because there’s this serious bug that is jumping from person to person and it could cost us our lives.

So, family…it looks like we are SHUT-IN!

Buttttt, does this have to be a bad thing? Think about it. When is the last time you and the family sat and had dinner time together? When is the last time you and the family prayed and studied the Bible together? When is the last time you and the kids sat and reminisced about the yester-years? When is the last time, you called a friend, just to let them know that you love them? When is the last time you had peaceful rest? When is the last time you actually had time to sit back, breathe and reflect on your life and the world around us? Hmmmmmmmmm….it has been a looooong time…hunh? But all of these overdue, well needed activities are refreshing!

Could this be just what our Father God ordered!?!

All I know is that with the busy-ness of the world...with all of the distractions...with all the responsibilities...all the mandates...all the lists and to do lists, it's a wonder that we as a nation have not already gone mad!!! I don't know what the plan is here and I can't see into the future, but it is clear that we, as people, as parents, as providers, as citizens, as God's children need some rest. This was mandated by God from the beginning of time. I mean schucks, if the Creator of Heaven and Earth can rests, surely we can, besides He knows that we need to reconnect with Him. He knows that we need to reconnect with family. He knows that we may need to re evaluate our circumstances and re think some decisions. God knows we need this time to unwind, get into genuine, intimacy with Him and hear His further instructions! For now, let's rest and accept that there is DEFINITELY some good in this!

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