...the vision

The vision of C.H.I.L.D. CHAMPIONS is to see every child succeed and is based on the acronym of the word “CHILD”. The vision acronym means Choosing to Help Individual Lives Develop.


C (Choosing) ~ We choose to answer the mandate given to us by God to assist in the development of underprivileged & disenfranchised youth.

H (Help) ~ We help those who we come into contact with not by giving handouts, but by giving a hand up by empowering them to value life & to reach others with a hand up. Each one help one.

I (Individual) ~ We believe that each child is a unique creature created in God’s image, therefore we reach out to & meet the needs of each child based on their individuality. This is why we chose the word “C.H.I.L.D” instead of children. We cannot meet the needs of the community without first meeting the needs of the individual.

L (Lives) ~ We strive to resurrect the passion, love & faith back into the hearts of our children, so they can appreciate the precious lives that they have been given as well as the value of the lives of others.

D (Develop) ~ We positively re-develop the character, integrity & self-respect that has been lost through the desensitization of television, radio & social media.


The goal of C.H.I.L.D. CHAMPIONS is to equip each child with the necessary characteristics, virtues & motivation to be able to sustain a positive and inspirational youth and to enter the adult world prepared for success in the perfect will of God.


In keeping to this goal, we vow to partner with you the parents, the school, and the church to ensure that your child is equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure their success in the real world.